3 Tips To Ensure Your Garment Manufacturing Goes Smoothly


It is common to find many people in the fashion industry bemoaning the difficulties of working with their suppliers. Most common is fashion designers encountering problems at the start of the manufacturing process. Here are 3 tips from Dongda Garment to help make that process as smooth as possible.


Ensure you are extremely specific and do not miss any details about the garment.

Many problems rise at this stage of the garment manufacturing process because fashion designers have put the garment factory in a position where they have to guess what to do.  Providing vague sketches is not enough and can result in production delays, multiple samples and additional costs. Having a detailed techpack is an easy solution to this problem and can save both you and the manufacturers plenty of time


Be understanding of how even little design changes can affect garment production times.

Designers have to understand that even little changes are likely to have an impact on garment production times. If you are intending on tweaking a bestseller from previous years then you have to be aware that this is practically the same as creating a new product as samples still have to be created. Make sure that any changes to the existing style are communicated clearly to the factory at the beginning of the order. It is best if you can send an updated techpack to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. If you just mention the changes before production is due to start then you can expect to be back to square one and will be waiting on samples to be created.


Make sure you include garment measurement charts for first samples and order quantity charts.

This step is important if you don’t have the size measurements for each size. You must provide the factory with at least one size and they can then use those measurements to make the first sample.After this is done, the factory will need to be informed of the quantities you want to order for each size. This is where you provide your order quantity chart. If this isn’t provided, the factory may assume your quantity or base it off previous orders.

As you can see, being on the front foot and providing information up front can help you avoid many of these issues and help the whole process run smoother.

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