Basic Information About China's Garment Manufacturing Industry



China has the world’s largest population, and it also has the world’s largest garment manufacturing and exporting industry. These industries experienced a decline from 2008-2011, however the years since then have seen an increase of 6% or more per annum. The Chinese garment production industry accounts for around 7% of the GDP each year (2011 data).

A common concern of countries importing clothing from Asia is the welfare of the workers. Although historically China does not have an image for always treating workers well, in recent years the costs of labour have been increasing and have reached rates of $336 per month in some Chiinese areas. This is over double what workers are paid in other South East Asian countries. This fact is representative of the recent shift in China towards workers rights and fair wages. Contrary to popular belief, if a country is looking to source ethically then China is a great place to start. Factories are often audited and regulation is increasing. Chinese workers now demand higher wages, shorter working hours and better working conditions and manufacturing factories have little choice but to comply. An example of these recent changes can be seen in  Dongda  Garment's factory and office. We provide lunch and dinner to our staff. We pay them a living wage and provide accommodation to many workers.

In 2017, the top partner countries to which China Exports Textiles and Clothing include United States, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and United Kingdom. Exports to Europe, the U.S. and Japan — China's largest exports markets in that order — have increased moderately, except for Japan, which saw a decrease of 0.63 percent. Chinese apparel enterprises are also relatively profitable, seeing a year-on year profit growth of 17.06 percent.

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