Crystal Shoes For You

by:Dongda     2020-09-04
I am a simple girl who has never in the manufacture and wearing attractive clothing when I was in a young lady, I always wore my big sports clothing and wearing large sunglasses, I'm more ugly than the heroine of the famous movie Ugly Betty. In a word, sometimes I feel a special fashion among the girls. Without trust, always makes me dare not to think about love. When others talk about it, it seems as if it's just the patent from them, this thing has nothing to do with me. The hottest topic among them is strapless Herve Leger dress, which is the patent for Hollywood star. I'm just a silent listener to them. Deep in my heart I always feel the high pressure is a lack of confidence, and I always made the choice of clothing for leisure style, simple. I was always worse on my appearance and I was wearing civilian clothes more different kinds of crazy! It's like a vicious circle. How awful! I did not realize this until one of my companions argued with me for my civilian clothes. You made my heart broken. I sweep on my bed after work. I was really an ugly duck, who laughed at the other bound? I suppose the story again and light the light. That night I slept with tears, and I dreamed that I'd become a pretty girl wearing pretty white Herve Leger dress and white Christian Louboutin heels. Very nice, very classy! The white dress is incredibly attractive to me in the dream. Confidence in the dream I felt wonderful! Really nice! Why are my dream come true in the dream, because in the dream, aAngels are a pair of crystal heels, I wear it, and just at that moment, I am a confident pretty ladies. Exactly from this dream, I changed my mind completely. I try to make up for the conditions of my skin. I started following the fashion trend and won success. Well, I'm always buying Herve Leger dresses online, and wear different kinds of them go to parties and clubs, I really have a fashion and attractive girls become, I have a great friend who is a graduate student and a very good mood . Many old friends were surprised for my transfer! The pending their 'O' mouth! I just answer them a little smile, and deep in my heart, I feel really grateful that the crystal shoes, it bring me happiness and a great friend, there are fairy tales in this world, if you believe it is occurs in your life.
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