Different Makeup Personas

by:Dongda     2020-09-01
Day in and day out women all over the world keep trying so many different looks that will suit them. One thing is for certain, we all have different features that are combined in millions of ways. So, one look that suits one woman perfectly can rarely suit another one in the same way. This is why magazines and advertisements around the globe showcase so many different looks we all try to achieve. The problem is the models don't really look like regular women striving to get a look that'll suite them. I mean they're models, any makeup can do them justice. So let's find out what different looks we can choose from and exactly how we can achieve them. Feminine Look The first look is the feminine look. This makeup style plays with vibrant, soft and playful colours that suit lady like personas. This slightly gives the eyes a subtle pop that makes the look girly and fun. You must make sure that the colours you use are bright but soft like a rosy pink or lilac. Next, apply the shadow on the lids making sure you blend well because the look can never be too dark or defined. And then using the same choice of colour, line the lower lash line with the eye shadow, and then its time to finish the feminine look by applying a rosy or hot pink lipstick. Earthy Look The earthy or natural look is always a good way to go for any occasion. Using this look you can attend simple gatherings to red carpet events all in one night. The earthy look's main goal is the absence of too much colour and showcasing a healthy and glowing skin. Despite its lack of colour, makeup is still essential to achieve look. The first thing to do is apply concealer to dark circles around the eyes, any breakouts and blemishes. Second, use a foundation to even out the skin tone, the foundation could be liquid or powder. Finally a highlighter is used on areas like the brow bone and the bridge of the nose to attain that natural glow. Disco Look When out and about especially in the clubs, your makeup could always be as wild as it can get. Nevertheless, it's best to look like a VIP when out in these midnight soirees to get that fierce disco diva in you all fired up. The essential element of this look is a gold eye shadow. This makes the look stand out without being too bold. First apply some gold eye shadow on the inner one-third of your lids. Second, apply either a black or brown eyes shadow thickly on the outer two-thirds of the lids. Then, blend everything out by creating a cat-like flick with the dark eye shadow. After you get the desire effect, keep the cheeks and lips simple with a neutral colour that complements the eyes. Masculine Look A masculine look, yes, there is such a thing. This look is used mostly in runways and photo shoots but nonetheless, it is quite wearable even during regular night-outs. The idea of this look is keeping the eyes and the cheeks neutral while focusing on the lips. The lips look very plush like it has been smothered with all types of berry fruits. Using a cherry or berry coloured lipstick apply a thick coat on the centre of your lips and then use your fingertips to spread the colour on the other areas of the lips. Finally, using a concealer or foundation create blurred lines by smudging some around the lips.
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