Does Dongda Garment have agents in foreign countries?
As expected, Dongyang Dongda Garment Co., Ltd. is currently constructing the sales sites. We have a team of salespersons which is always ready to go abroad to make business negotiations. Your location is considered when we build offices in foreign countries. It is great honor to serve you.

Dongda Garment is a model for Chinese exercise pants manufactures seeking to become known multinational brands. home clothes series manufactured by Dongda Garment include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The product of Dongda has surpassed many standard bulbs and even halogen bulbs in the lighting industry in terms of energy-saving, high illuminance efficiency, and less power consumption. Its fabric undergoes many tests like colour fastness test to ensure the stable quality of the product. Remarkable success has been achieved by Dongda Garment in gym pants field. Its size or dimension is fully examined to meet international standards.

We adopt several ways to carry out eco-friendly manufacturing processes. For example, we promise not to discard the waste materials or residues generated during production, and we will fully utilize resources.
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