Evening Gown Dress up Games

by:Dongda     2020-08-25
Little girls love to play dress-up. Wearing their own dress-up clothes or their mother's dresses or evening gowns makes them feel glamorous and grown-up. Many girls enjoy simply putting the outfits together, but having games or activities for them to do when they play can add to the allure of dressing up and provide them with fun, fond memories. Dress up games are also a good way for boys and girls to begin to explore gender roles and learn empathy through role playing. Fancy Tea Party Tea parties often make girls feel feminine and pretty, so throwing a fancy tea party is a fun activity for girls dressed up in beautiful evening gowns. Finger foods on pretty plates or trays fit well with a tea party. Even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can look fancy if they're cut into small squares or rectangles. If the girls don't like tea, you can substitute lemonade, juice or another drink. Fashion Show When girls get dressed up in evening gowns, they often want to show them off. A fashion show lets girls display their gowns with confidence as they walk down a pretend runway. Set up a runway in a hallway and let the girls pose in their gowns at the end of it. Someone can act as an announcer to explain the outfits, and music can be played to add to the fashion show atmosphere. Cinderella's Ball The story of Cinderella is one example of the glamor and excitement of dressing up. Cinderella wore a beautiful evening gown to a ball and met her Prince Charming. Girls can dress in their own fairytale gowns at home, put on music and have their own ball. Dressing up for a ball can make girls feel like princesses. You can decorate a room and put on some music to let the girls dance the night away. Awards Night Awards ceremonies are a showcase of fashion. Celebrities dress in their finest attire and walk the red carpet. You can enjoy an awards night at home by allowing the girls to dress in evening gowns to watch the ceremony on television. Add finger foods and punch in glasses with little umbrellas to make the night special. If the girls are old enough, they can make predictions about who will win the various awards.
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