Exercise With The Devil For Kick-Butt Workout

by:Dongda     2020-08-25
Are you looking for a way to kick it up a notch? Are your workouts are starting to feel stagnant or stale? Have you hit a plateau? Maybe you're getting bored? All of the above, you say? Here's a kick ass way to give your workouts a kick in the pants and get them feeling challenging again. You ready? You'll be surprised at how simple this is. Here it is: Find yourself a workout partner. Nope, I'm not kidding. Yes, that's all there is to it. But hold on a second here. I don't mean just ANY workout partner. I want you to find the workout partner from Hell. Yes, sign up to work out with the Devil ... or at least find the next closest thing you can to the Devil. Here are some devilish types of people that would make great workout partners and not let you down in your quest for a hard, effective workout: You know that one girl or guy you see at the gym every single time you're there that has the insanely toned, ripped body? They got that way somehow and I'll bet they're annoying about it. You want to hear all about how to get ripped and then some? I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you all the ways they beat themselves up to get that way. It's pretty likely they'll be a workout partner from Hell. I'd also bet they don't look favorably on whiners, excuse makers or any of that kind of BS. And you can bet they'll be on time for your 6am workout and be banging down your door if you're not waiting out front ready to go. I'd even wager that there will be no sympathy from them if you try to bail because of something minor like a late night up with a sick kid or a papercut on your finger. Partner up with him or her and benefit from their intensity (or should I say 'insanity'?). And welcome to Hell. Hire yourself a Personal Trainer. Oh and not just any Personal Trainer. And especially not that Personal Trainer that will be soft on you and give you the sympathy eyes if you complain about something being too heavy. Get yourself a Personal Trainer that used to be in the Army... better still, get one that used to be in the Marines. 'Nuff said. They won't be easy on themselves and they sure as Hell won't be easy on you. He or she will be an excellent Training Partner from Hell. Check. And, seeing as we're talking about the Armed Forces now, how about attending some fitness Boot Camp classes? They're called 'Boot Camps' for a reason. They'll kick your ass hard. And you'll thank them for it and ask for more. Well, if you're serious about getting hardcore you will, anyway. And you'll walk (or limp) away from those feeling like you just walked out of Hell. So kick up the intensity in your workout by finding your own workout partner from Hell. It's a Devilishly good idea!
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