Exploring the Great Shops and Restaurants of Newcastle

by:Dongda     2020-08-24
Newcastle's shopping and eating scene is among the best in England. No matter what time of the day or night that you go out in Newcastle, you will always be able to find a delicious restaurant, bar, or cafe open to satisfy your hunger or thirst. In between meals you can hit the shops and find some wonderful items of fashion, electronics, accessories, and books. To really take advantage of the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Newcastle, make sure you stay at least one night. There are various hotels in Newcastle, so finding a place to suit your budget and your needs will not be hard. Newcastle City Centre Newcastle's City Centre is the heart of the city. Almost all of the best shops and restaurants are found in the middle of the city. This is where visitors should go to as soon as they arrive in Newcastle. Newcastle City Market Newcastle City Market opens daily and is always alive with many customers getting some great deals on the freshest fruit and vegetables around. There are so many green grocers in Newcastle City Markets that you are able to find some very competitive prices here. You can also find items like bread, tinned products, and snacks. Newcastle City Farmers Market The Newcastle City Farmers Market is the best place to find the freshest vegetables, fruits, and homemade jams and sauces. You can also find a wide range of gourmet products such as olive oils, spreads, and breads. You will have to come on a weekend to enjoy the Newcastle City Farmers Market because it is only operating on Sundays. Eldon Square Eldon Square is renowned in Newcastle as the place to look for clothes, electronic goods, fashion accessories, and virtually anything else that you can think of. Eldon Square. You'll also be able to find some good eating places within the massive food court located at the bottom of the shopping centre. Eldon Garden Eldon Garden has something to suit all tastes in shopping. You will find lots of teenagers on the weekend at Eldon Garden so be prepared for this place to be quite crowded if you're here on a Saturday or Sunday. A good mix of independent retailers and major commercial department stores are found in Eldon Garden. Gateshead Gateshead is an outer suburb of Newcastle and has some popular shopping options. Metro Centre Metro Centre is one of the latest shopping centres to hit the shopping scene in Newcastle. It is found in one of Newcastle's outer suburbs called Gateshead. This places is busy all the time, especially when peak shopping periods such as Christmas come around. Sales times at Metro Centre are also particularly crowded with bargain hunters from near and far. Stowell Street Dragon House Dragon House is a well-known Chinese restaurant on Stowell Street. The menu is traditional Cantonese, but features a number of favourites that everyone knows and loves. Prices are reasonable, and the service is always attentive and efficient. At Bangkok Cafe At Bangkok Cafe would have to be Newcastle's premiere Thai restaurant. All of the most popular Thai dishes can be found on the menu at this busy little restaurant. You can also find some other favourites from Vietnam and Malaysia on the menu as well. Friars Street Blackfriars Restaurant Blackfriars Restaurant is certainly the most well known restaurant on Friars Street. Apart from its excellent food and friendly service, Blackfriars Restaurant attracts people due to its history and traditions. Opened back in the 13th century, Blackfriars Restaurant has the distinction of being England's oldest public eatery.
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