Girl's Themed Parties- Dress-Up, Sleep-Over Party

by:Dongda     2020-08-13
When a girl is between the ages of four and ten years old, one of her favorite things to do is dress-up in mom's clothes, put on her jewelry and make-up and pretend to be an adult; therefore, if you are looking for a girl's themed party we suggest the consideration of a dress-up, sleep-over party. By choosing this style of party, you are giving her the best of both worlds - The opportunity to dress nicely and a fun-filled night with friends. Preparing your event location When hosting a dress-up, sleep-over party the best options for choosing a location is your home; however, another option includes renting a facility. If choosing your home as your event location you will want to ensure that there is plenty of room for dressing-up, watching movies and sleeping. Prepare your home by moving any unnecessary furniture, washing pillows, blankets and sheets and ensuring that your home is child-safe and kid-friendly. If choosing the option to rent a facility you will also want to ensure that there is plenty of room, bathroom facilities and security. After deciding upon your location, the next suggestion is to invite your guests. What you will need for a successful dress-up, sleep-over party In order to host successful girls themed parties you will want to ensure that there is plenty for the girls to do and lots of food and drinks. During dress-up time, offer your guests the following items; dresses, play high-heels, boas, belts, jewelry, make-up and other accessories. You will want to purchases dresses in various sizes and we suggest visiting local consignment shops in order to do so. It is also suggested to purchases make-up and accessories from a dollar store or affordable retailer such as Wall-Mart or Target. One of the most important factors to hosting a successful girl's themed party is supplying your guests with plenty of food and drinks. Listed below, we offer to you the following suggestions; juice, punch, soda, water, fresh fruit, finger sandwiches, fresh vegetables w/ dip and snacks such as popcorn, chips, candy bars, rice krispy treats and or snack cakes. Time for the fun to begin Now that your event location has been chosen, your guests have been invited and your supplies have been purchased it is now time to let the fun begin. Welcome your guests with offerings of a snack and drink and the opportunity to get to know one another. To remember each other's name, name tags can be worn. This will be helpful for the young girls at your party. Now that your guests are familiar with one another it's time to begin dressing up. Offer your guests a private area for dressing and plenty of mirrors for 'primping' and gazing. Be sure to take plenty of pictures including one group picture. This way, you and your guests will have memories that last a lifetime. Once the dress-up portion of your party is over, it is now time to begin your sleep-over. Prepare a room for your guests to sleep in by supplying plenty of pillows, sheets and blankets. To keep the girls parties occupied, toss in a movie and start popping some popcorn. By following these suggestions, your guest of honor is sure to enjoy her day.
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