Ladies' sleepwear has become a kind of everyday home furnishing. Wearing womens sleepwear can make people relax. Wearing nightwear at home is not only a fashion but also a wise practice for health reasons. Buying womens sleepwear is a more complicated thing than buying clothes. Pajamas should be worn comfortably and healthy. Dongda Garment has been producing ladies sleepwear for many years, aiming to provide customers with high-quality sleep experience.

See our home clothes series here. Bright spring and summer models, lace clothing linen-cotton modal suit, simple lazy small loose two-neck collar home clothes.

Bright spring and summer 2019 popular color pajama dress series. The simple version is more because of the sweetness of the lace. The front is a heart-shaped V-neck, followed by a classic round neck, and the front and back can be worn with a "two-necked" detail.
French cotton fabric, feels good, light and breathable, can accompany you from early spring to the early summer of July, it is also needed in air-conditioned rooms. 
This ladies pajama sets series is lazy and lose type, free and unbound, 80 kg - 135 kg can be easily controlled.


We pay attention to ladies sleepwear fabrics and health. Choosing the right color of womens sleepwear can help improve sleep quality. As a professional sleepwear manufacturer, we tell you how to choose ladies sleepwear. In summer, light, thin, soft, and breathable fabrics should be selected, and the drape is good. It has the functions of heat absorption and sweat absorption. Spring and autumn require good thermal performance, ease, and comfort. The pattern of the fabric should be light and regular with small floral or grid patterns. In winter, you can choose a slightly thicker color and pattern. Ladies' pajamas should be washed frequently and dried, and silk should be dried in the shade and not exposed. There is more sweating in summer, so your pajamas should be changed frequently.

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