How Do You Find The Right Clothing Manufacturer In China?


Are you thinking of starting your own clothing brand or perhaps opening a retail clothing store? Outsourcing production to China may be your best option. This article will explain what you need to know to choose a clothing manufacturer. Important things to consider include the quality of material, substance regulations and reliability.


Important factors when selecting a clothing and textile factory

Not all Clothing and textiles manufacturers are equal. Making a random factory selection online, without verifying that the supplier is able to reach your quality requirements, is likely to end up in disaster. Below follows an introduction to the three main factors that really matters, when selecting clothing manufacturers in China.

1. Compliance with foreign textile regulations.

Clothing textiles are regulated in most countries, including the United States, Europe and Australia. Most applicable safety standards, such as REACH (Europe) and FHSA (United States) regulate substances, such as formaldehyde, AZO-colors and asbestos. For importers based in Europe, America, Canada and Australia, it’s critical to select a supplier that can show previous compliance with applicable substance regulations


2. Textiles labeling requirements

Clothing and textile regulations are not only limited to substances, but also product and packaging labeling. These labeling requirements vary greatly between different countries. However, most countries require labeling to cover Country of Origin (Made in China), textile fiber content and washing instructions. However, a supplier cannot really be compliant or non-compliant with labeling requirements.

In fact, it’s your job to design the textile label, and verify that it’s compliant with applicable regulations in your country. The supplier’s job is to print it. That said, they must be able to provide you with information about the textile fiber content and washing instructions.


3. Fabric quality

Before you get started, you need to get your fabric specifications in order. Never assume that a Chinese clothing and textiles manufacturer is specialized in making items matching your quality requirements, regardless of their technical qualifications.

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