How is Dongda positioned?
Dongda is a brand focused on selling high quality Dongda at affordable price. Efforts have been made to control the production cost, from raw material to production process and to quality control. The pricing is made after systematic market research.

Dongda is an image of home clothes with high level popularity and reputation. exercise pants series manufactured by Dongyang Dongda Garment Co., Ltd. include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. It has various color temperatures ranging from 2500K-7000K, allowing users to choose and balance color without filters. This product is a great convenience for users. It highlights stylish personality thanks to the minor details. Dongda Garment is able to complete all production tasks in a quick and perfect way. The product can easily show the elegance and beautiful curve of the users all the time.

We endeavor to be a socially responsible and caring company. From the usage of genuine raw materials and finished products, we guarantee the products are eco-friendly and do no harm to humans.
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