How to Select a Dress For Summer Wedding

by:Dongda     2020-07-27
Weddings are considered to be most fascinating and auspicious occasion of one's life. Everyone wants to look gorgeous on this special day. If ceremony is during summer time then along with bride and groom even guests also start thinking about sweat and heat. So picking up a lovely dress becomes as important as selecting right groom. The fact can not be ignored that most of weddings are held in the summer time only. So while looking for a summer dress one has to keep the scorching heat of summer weather in mind. Outfit that you choose for the special day has to be stunning and in coordination with theme of wedding. Choosing a summer wedding dress can be great adventure as summer brings with it beautiful and pastel colors that can be used for these dresses also. Colors such as pinks, blues, purple, mauves, yellows, creams and oranges can be used for a summer wedding dresses as they will bring elegance to bride and groom. These hues will also reflect beauty of colorful and cheerful spring season. Even bright pinks, purples, blues are good options that can be used for a wedding dress for a bride. A perfect color of dress will enhance your personality and beauty of even a simple dress. Avoid selecting over gaudy dresses with heavy detailing on it as it would cause discomfort in hot weather. Another important aspect of a dress is its fabric that would be used to make a lovely dress. With increase in summer temperature, a bride should be well prepared to beat the heat. So light weight fabric must be chosen that will make her look stunning as well as make her feel cool in hot weather. One of the fabrics that can be chosen is chiffon as it is the lightest. It can also be layered on top of other fabrics to give a royal feel. Another option that one can go for is Organza, which is slightly heavier than chiffon but less transparent. Try charmeuse, which is silky like satin and soft like chiffon. Apart from these fabrics look for a variety in crepe, tulle, georgette and lace which will add to the beauty and charm if customized with a perfect style. For making the effect of such lovely dress of perfect material and color complete, choose your shoes and make up carefully. Even if you are going to sit entire night there are chances of dancing in evening so a sleek and a comfortable pair of shoes should be chosen. Do not over do with makeup as it can create trouble in the humid climate. It will even ruin effect of your effort for perfect look if you overdo it. So go with minimal makeup which includes pastel and shimmers for that perfect gait. Select a jewelry which is elegant, unique and lightweight. Make hairstyles tedious by using flowers to give the occasion a feel of the prevailing season.
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