How to Work From Home So That You Actually Work

by:Dongda     2020-07-27
Working from home sounds like everyone's dream - you get to sit in your own environment, sip cups of tea, avoid the commute and enjoy watching TV and listening to music every day. However at the same time for anyone who has actually experienced working from home it's clear that this is actually something of a mixed blessing. Yes you will get to work wherever you like and stay in your pyjamas, but actually doing so often makes you feel a bit cabin feverish, and at the same time it can leave you getting distracted by things like computer games and power naps. So what do you do? Here we will aim to answer that question. Well one thing you should do is to invest in a small but powerful laptop - something like an ASUS X53SD-SX191X. This is a small but powerful laptop that will run Windows 7 and do everything you need to do, but will also fit easily into a bag. Technically the ASUS X53SD-SX191X is defined as a 'notebook' meaning that it's much lighter than a standard laptop and easier to carrier. Meanwhile with portability in mind it also has a great battery life and a screen that's good for viewing anywhere. So once you have an ASUS X53SD-SX191X or a similar model, you will be able to set up and work anywhere you wish. And then it's a very good idea to get out of the house. Thing is that many people take 'working from home' far too literally and think it means they actually have to work from their house. This is really not the case and actually working from home can mean working anywhere whether it's a cafe or a library. And that's then where you're going to go. And why? Because it will ensure that you're completely away from all those tempting distractions and forced to work and focus. Suddenly you have no option but to work, but at the same time people watching and looking around should provide you with the right amount of stimulation to prevent you getting bored from work. Order yourself a coffee if you're in a coffee shop and then knuckle down. And you should do this every morning without fail so that you are set up and ready to work from 9Am as though this were a 'real' job. This way you will be able to start bright and early. At the same time you need to still control your internet usage and the best way to do that is with a rule that you will only be allow to check a site after you have completed a task. That includes e-mail and it includes Facebook - so there's no checking your messages until after you've written at least 1,000 words, or completed that coding challenge. Over time you will notice that the more you practice working like this the better you become - and actually that will mean that you can be finished most days by the afternoon and go back to relax. Note as well that with your ASUS X53SD-SX191X you will be able to work even when you're on the move - e.g. on the train or bus, so make sure you take advantage of this to multitask and to finish left over work at other times - or even to make a good headway on your tasks.
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