Modern Dress Up Games

by:Dongda     2020-07-15
Dress up games are not just for the enjoyment of small children. If you love clothes and accessories and enjoy pairing them to create different outfits -- or even costumes to fit a specific theme -- you can take part in modern dress up games. Regardless of your age, all you need is a little bit of playfulness and you can play dress up, too. Dress Up with Your Own Clothes Dress up with your own clothes. Try on pieces of your clothing that you'd never put together under ordinary circumstances. Consider having a theme or an inspiration for the look you're creating. Clip out magazine pages that show styles you especially like and challenge yourself to recreate these looks using the clothes you have in your closet. Clothing Swap Hold a big clothing swap with your friends. Schedule a whole day with your closest friends, preferably those who have body types and sizes similar to yours. Have everyone bring some of their brightest, flashiest, most fun clothes. See what wild outfits you can create by mixing and matching every piece. Make sure you have a full-length mirror available so you can regularly check how you look in each new ensemble. Finish up with a photo session of all of you wearing wacky, flamboyant outfits. Online Dress Up Games There are plenty of websites where you can find dress up games for free. These games come in a wide variety of themes, ranging from Date Night and College Life Dress Up to Emo and Wizard Fashion. These fun, modern dress up games cost you nothing and you get hundreds upon hundreds from which to choose. Because all the clothes and characters are computerized, you get clear images that make the characters you dress up stand out. Websites you might find interesting include dress up games and girl dress up. Magnetic Paper Dolls Try old-school paper dolls with a twist. You can buy magnetic dolls to stick on your refrigerator. They're not just toys, but can be used to decorate any metal surface. You can buy them at online stores such as Fat Brain Toys and Just Like Me Paper Dolls.
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