Pyjama Store to Launch Womens Pyjamas

by:Dongda     2020-07-01
Coco Chanel famously only wore men's pyjamas, and when initially launched last year, it stocked exclusively luxury men's pyjamas, robes and slippers. However many of the purchasers of its men's pyjamas were in fact women, some perhaps inspired by the icon, others keen to drum a little style into their man. There is something exciting going on in the pyjama world. It seems to be like so many fashions, cyclical. Whether it's the appearance of BedHead's retro prints in Mad Men or whether we are just spending more time at home, pyjama sales have been soaring. So it is indeed good news that is responding to inquiries about women's nightwear and re-launching the site this coming month. (Mid-May) with a range of women's nightwear. Managing Director, James Riggs pointed out that initially the brands positioning was based on the premise that there was no resource for specialist good quality men's nightwear online or even in the high street; at least not all in one place. Urged on by friends and numerous customer emails, womenswear was an inevitable next move. 'Online brands can respond to what they learn from feedback and statistical data, in a way traditional businesses were and to an extent are, less able to. Launching womenswear is meeting a need and actually the name of our site, fits comfortably for all nightwear. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that children's wear will be the next step.' Says Managing Director, James Riggs. In mid-May the site is re-launched to accommodate the fashion conscious with starring brands such as Eberjey, Princesse Tam Tam and BedHead. It's a good mix as they all offer something a little different. Eberjey's classic styles, PTT's creative take and BedHead's amazing prints should provide something for everyone. And there's always the menswear if you view the pyjama as Coco Chanel did!
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