Recent Technological Advances In The Garment Manufacturing Industry


Many things have changed in the garment manufacturing industry in the last few decades. New technologically advanced processes and manufacturing machines have been developed from the original way things were carried out. Manually operated machines used to require skilled laborer’s to run them, now many of these same machines are digital and can be programed as needed. Although this kind of technological advancement has negatively affected the employment rate for the garment industry it has had a positive affect on areas such as quality control, as there is less room for human error. Less people employed to produce the same output means that production costs have decreased, leading to larger profits for the industry as a whole.

Some of the more notable advances in technology include:

· Knitting Machines – Seamless knitting machines can create more than one tube and join the tubes together on a machine. The complete garments knitted on circular machines may also only need a minimal cutting operation. These machines can also now create large bands of material instead of just long strips that are looped together and then sewn.

· Laser Printing - Laser printing does not involve physical contact with the engraving surface, hence, no wear and tear. The marks produced by laser engraving are clean, crisp and permanent. In addition, lasers are faster than other conventional methods used for product imprinting, which provides greater versatility in material selection

· Pleating – Pleating of fabric can now be automated and does not require manual labor.

· Digital printing – Prints can be done digitally rather than by screen printing which means that designs can be more complex.

At Dongda Garment, we have incorporated many of these new technologies into our factories. As seen above, we have a new laser fabric cutting machine and frequently do digital printing for our customers. We also take advantage of the knitted fabrics and our pleating is automated. If you would like to learn more about the new technologies that we use get in contact with us today.

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