Sleepwear - What Type Do You Wear?

by:Dongda     2020-06-22
What we wear for bed is quite a personal thing and says a lot about, not just about what mood you're in on that moment, but the type of person you are. It's amazing how many different sleepwear options. The perfect combination is mixing comfort with a little bit of sexiness. Here's a list of types of sleepwear and how you can marry the snuggle and sassy factors... Over-Sized or Partners Comfy boy boxers are a favourite with a lot of ladies - slobbing around in clothes that are too big for you is the ultimate in student chic. But it can also be quite alluring for your man. In most romantic movies there's a scene with the girl in the boy's shirt the morning after a steamy night. While this looks great, in reality when the boy has worn the shirt all day and all night it's generally a bit smelly, so carefully select a clean one from his wardrobe. Much better for all involved. Chemises This has been tried and tested and quite frankly this piece of lingerie is probably the most practical. It just ticks all the boxes: comfortable, soft to touch, and if it fits properly, really seductive. The other wonderful thing about chemises is they come in a variety of lengths and styles, so there's a chemise for everyone - daring thigh high slit in black silk or a figure hugging, plunging little number. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Naked The ultimate in freedom. Few things are as liberating in your 20s and 30s as roaming around your bachelorette pad in little more than your birthday suit. It also exudes confidence - and there's nothing more sexy than that to a man. Lingerie Men would like to think that every night we undress and put on some chiffon and silk playsuit. The reality is, of course, a little different. Baby dolls, though, are an ideal compromise - sexy and comfortable, they're the ultimate in nighttime luxury lingerie. Bra or No Bra Wearing a bra to bed or not is the age-old debate. It has been said that if you have larger breasts, you should wear a bra to bed to avoid sagging; but on the other hand, it's also said that it's good to not wear a bra to bed as it aids circulation. One sure thing is that you shouldn't wear an under-wired bra to bed as it is far too restrictive; but a shorts bra or light non-under-wired bra would work just as well. There is no proof either way so it's really just a question of comfort.
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