Some Tips on How to be Fashionable at College

by:Dongda     2020-06-21
There is an appropriate fashion for different age groups. Our style preferences change as we move on to the next phase, and we encounter problems in how to choose a dress appropriate to our age. From infancy until school age our parents have the opportunity to choose our wardrobe. As we reach our teens, we have the independence to decide what clothes to wear thus giving us issues regarding fashion. It is during this stage that teenagers have the feeling of awkwardness, as well as strong peer pressure to fit in with their friends, and they sometimes cannot identify what developmental stage they belong to. If you're in your teens and you don,t know how to choose the appropriate wardrobe for your age, worry no more because I have included in my list a wardrobe that teenagers like you could have. These tips might help you enjoy your life as a teenager that bit more! First on the list is to have at least 4 to 5 jeans of different styles that you can rotate through the week. One of these pairs can be trendy, wide leg, skinny or low-rise jeans. Find the right denim that fits you well. Teens might also have tank tops of various colors like grey, black, navy blue and white and of varying lengths. Choose tanks that are 100% cotton. Next on the list, basic cotton cardigans in varying colors of black, purple, hot pink or chocolate brown that would make you look chic and trendy without spending too much. Invest in well-fitted bras and panties . Choosing the right size does not only give you comfort but as well compliments every outfit you wear. Bags are essential for ladies and teens alike. Choose bags that have good quality. Classic details can go from day to night and go well with most of your wardrobe. Dressy tops complement jeans and heels to a party. Avoid dressy tops that are too tight or see-through . It can be satin or lace , in bright colors or has cute prints . A pair of black or dark grey pants/trousers is on the list! With these you can look great and confident at interviews and recruiting sessions. A pair of inexpensive ballet flats in basic colors, like brown or black, might be useful, or you can also have a pair of bright color like red, green or yellow. The choice is yours! Don't forget to have a pair of slippers. You can walk and run with these in your dorm or apartment. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from. These may be in bright, fun colors or you can have a fluffy one.
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