Sumo Suit Variations

by:Dongda     2020-06-17
Although sumo suits may seem very self explanatory and appear rather one dimensional, there are in fact, a wide range of sumo suits, or more commonly grouped as 'fat suits'. These are basically large, inflatable suits of a comical nature. Their uses reach far and wide, and you would have most likely seen one around somewhere, be it at a party or a fair or fun-run. There is a huge array of fat suits out there on the market. The sumo suit is perhaps the most well known and popular, as it attaches to the competitive, physical side of an event. The other best seller is the superhero suit. These are hugely exaggerated suits that depict all the known superheroes and will give you an instant bodybuilders physique! These can come equipped with masks or capes to compliment the suit and can be seen on stag nights or marathons for those that like an added challenge. A good idea, if you want to create a slightly different slant on the classic sumo wrestling theme is to incorporate different types of fat suits into the sumo genre. So, try getting the sumo mat or ring, along with the safety head gear, but then mix it up with, say, super hero suits. These would be likely to go down very well with your audience, be they friends, family or customers. There is also a burgeoning market in more niche fat suits, which can also be used in multiple ways. Just a small amount of searching online and you will uncover a whole array of hilarious outfits. For starters in the inflatable business, sumo wrestling suits would be a great way to get going. Perhaps then, and if successful enough, the idea of other varieties of fat suit could be introduced for wider appeal. They are all around the same price, so you wouldn't be paying over the odds, even for a niche costume. Again, research your chosen area, and try and find what best fits your business. The comedy fat suit is a brilliant way to add humour and originality to a party. They can be used in all sorts of different ways, and for a reasonable price too. Their versatility is what appeals to people. Be it a night out, a day out, a weekend away or a surprise party, their use is spread far and wide and will guarantee an unforgettable occasion.
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