Teaching English Online - The Considerations You Must Make

by:Dongda     2020-06-16
Teaching English online is one of today's trendiest ways of earning money through the internet. If you are considering taking on this opportunity, you need to analyze certain things concerning it; just as you perform case study on a business you like to set up. The Advantages And Disadvantages Obviously, online English teaching offers you the perk of working from your home. Just a computer and reliable connection to the internet and you are good to go. If you are a stay-at-home mom, this is an ideal job you can pursue online. You can earn money without compromising your time with the family. This means you can save up on transportation fee. You can work even while in your nightshirt. You can also set your preferred working schedule. Since you are working over the internet, it also means you can reach students from very distant countries who like to be skillful in speaking English. If there are benefits, there are certainly some pitfalls. Since you are likely to teach foreign students, you can expect that you also need to adjust to their time zones. Also, you should not think that since this is an online work, you are already allowed to be lax. Suppose your baby cries while you are in the middle of a session, you cannot just leave your computer to attend to your baby. This job also requires your professionalism. You will need to follow an effective time management in order to maximize what this job offers. Working On Your Own Vs. Working With An Online School If you have no experience in teaching online, your best option is to first work with an online school. You are likely to be trained first if your application is approved. This way, you can gather experience that will help you later when you decide to put up your own English teaching website or tutoring service. With your own website, you have more freedom on running the business instead of following policies set by the company. Experience working in an online teaching company is still indispensable, especially if you are a beginner. Things You Can Offer Teaching English requires that you follow a curriculum by which students could learn the best possible way. The curriculum must cover different aspects of the English language such as vocabulary building, grammar and more. You need to prepare teaching structure by which you can deliver your prepared lessons clearly and effectively. You need to consider the needs and preference of your students too. Technology You Will Use What is great about working for an online school is that they already have an established platform for teaching, a particular system that probably cost a lot of money. Meanwhile, if you will teach by yourself, you have to make do with the freely available media like instant messaging and internet VoIP calls. You will need to have other computer paraphernalia such as web cam, microphone, podcast recorders and more. Payment And Business Promotion You must set a reasonable rate for your services, within the range of $15-50 an hour. Do a research to know how much your competitors are charging. There can be different options in sending payments like PayPal or bank transfer. As for promotion, there are also several online means to advertise your business such as using social network sites and online forums.
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