The Greatest Decades For Mens Fancy Dress - Nostalgia

by:Dongda     2020-06-14
When it comes to a lot of men's fancy dress costumes, subject to the girlfriends input and influence, the outfit is likely to lean somewhere in between the amusing and the laughably insane. Most men love to really get into the spirit of fancy dress and go for something really awesome, with little regard for just how ridiculous it might make them look. So when deciding on a fancy dress theme for a party consistently one of the most popular is a blast from the past with a 60s, 70s or 80s theme. It's always nice to take a trip down memory lane, looking back at previous decades to reminisce about what we were like when we were younger. This can be to do with the TV shows that we used to watch, who we used to listen to, idolise and, probably most embarrassingly, what we used to wear. Reminiscing in this way tends to invoke a mixture of emotions, fondness and nostalgia, shame and a great deal of amusement are obviously going to be rather prevalent emotions which is why it's such a popular fancy dress theme for men. If you put two guys who grew up in the same decade in a room together then they can talk for hours about what it was like. So if you put a whole party of people together and made the 60s, 70s or 80s the theme for fancy dress then no doubt hilarity will ensue. What has made these decades such heavyweights in men's fancy dress themes is because of the sheer breadth of possibilities for an outfit. A decade spans a very long time and a lot of things can happen, everybody loves a good 'do you remember' story and they all have their own so whether it's 'do you remember when John Lennon said he was bigger than Jesus!' or 'How good Ghostbusters!' it's bound to dig up a fair amount of stories. So when a situation ensues where you've been invited to a fancy dress party and the theme of it is 60, 70s or 80s (whether it's an individual decade or all three, it doesn't matter), where do you go from there and how do you choose your costume? The first possibility that you could go for is an outfit that very obviously adopts the fashion of the time, it's fair to say that we all own a suitable amount of shame concerning how we used to dress when we were younger so on occasion it's good fun to embrace that with a nice shiny disco shirt, flares, a floral outfit or some good old fashioned tie dye. Luckily (for those with repressed memories) there are loads of places to gain inspiration for a retro fancy dress costume, you can look at old celebrities and pop stars and look at what they wore, specifically if you check out a few music videos you can always emulate good outfits from them. Otherwise the internet is a vast source that will be more than happy to tell you about what people used to call fashion which means it's then just down to you to decide how colourful you want to go. A slightly different tack for a men's costume at a 20th century fancy dress party is to go as a character from your favourite TV show or movie from back when you were a kid. Everyone knows that television was better back in the day, with unforgettable classic shows and movies such as the Smurfs, Superman, Thunderbirds, Star Wars and many others. Combine this with the fact that every bloke has at one stage wanted to be Darth Vader, Captain Scarlet, the Red Power Ranger (he was the best!) or similar character so this is the perfect opportunity to actually do it for the night (adopting the personality of the character is not necessary but certainly encouraged). The other way you could go is to throw some imagination at the problem and dress as anything that was particularly famous at that time be it a celebrity, pop star, major event or even game (it can be done!). This is really where you can have some fun go nuts, the possibilities are vast but some examples of this range from a space suit from the Moon landing, an Adam Ant costume, a tin of Spam (from the 50s), space hoppers, Rubix cube costumes and an age old favourite for men everywhere. The Village People. So for a great theme on mens fancy dress that everyone will almost certainly love 60s, 70s or 80s parties are a fantastic idea, there are literally hundreds of men's costumes to choose from and the possibilities are just endless. Not only will you get a blast back from the past but you'll also get to regress to your childhood, which is never a bad idea.
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