The Little Black Dress - A Fashion Trend That

by:Dongda     2020-06-12
The black color, a standard bearing for this dress could make you look drab. So, ladies, make sure you choose your Little Black Dress carefully. This little dress can single handily impress that special some one while making you look classy and cutting-edge of the fashion. Lucky for you, the fashion designers are always introducing the new twists on this classic look. Fear not, you can always have a different one for different occasion. We give you few pointers for choosing that perfect dress that will flatter your body shape ad be the perfect fit for the occasion. Pay attention to the four things when choosing your little black dress. The Volume The bubble skirt that appeared on the fashion scene in last decade found its way to the little black dress. It added the volume which at times could be unflattering to more curvy women. You may wish to stay away from the bubble-hem bottoms if you are more on the curvy side. Fashion designers have added more creative solutions recently. If you must go for the volume then look for pleats going outward towards the hips. You have to go for a more fitted top with this one. The Structure On the other end of the shape topic is the structured, strapless dress with details. Look for the details around the bust line. This one simple trick can turn simple black dress into a heads turning fashion icon. While this style is more forgiving to the body shapes, it still looks the best to a slim and skinny figure. To really make this look stand out, go for chunky accessories, a small clutch (not black though) and sleek pointy heels. The Texture As with every dress this season, designers are introducing a lot of new materials. Feathers, ruffles, sequins, chains and pleats are some of the most popular materials that found their way into a little black dress. An especially alluring variant on this trend is a tiered ruffled bottom paired with a sleek and sexy top. Choose an asymmetrical neckline or hem, but not both. Pair this dress up thigh high boots for that perfect evening at your favorite club and dance the night away. The Cut-Outs This is for the more daring fashionist as out there or just perfect for that sensual, sexy mood. Look for a form fitting black dress with strategically placed cut-out patterns. The cut-outs give you the opportunity to show off your skin without crossing the line. Complete this look with messy hairstyle and long dangling earrings. As with any dress, look for the shape and design that best suits your style and mood. You may find the little black dress fitting your fashion needs more often that you wished for.
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