The Missing Link For an Effective Exercise Program

by:Dongda     2020-06-11
One of the more effective exercise workouts to help with weight loss and build your cardio endurance is one used by many sports trainers. It is called 'High Intensity Interval Training' or HIIT. This training method uses short bursts of intense exertion followed by short periods of rest during a workout session. It is very effective for those whose objective is to lose fat and improve their cardio. HIIT Training Methods There are several different High Intensity training workouts out there. One method is based on timed interval training, another is based on heart recovery time, and the third method mixes up the interval times within one workout and is called Fartlek. One of the bonuses of HIIT is that you do not have to go out and buy a lot of expensive equipment. A watch or combo watch and heart monitor and a good pair of shoes is all you need. Fancy outfits are definitely optional! A pair of comfortable shorts or loose pants and a T-shirt work really well. The constant among all three methods is: A Word About Warm-Ups Warm-ups prepare your body for the upcoming more intense exercise. Perform light, stationary running, windmills or a brisk walk to literally get the body warmed up, and THEN do some static stretches and hold them for 20-30 seconds. It is believed that this will help prevent muscle and joint injuries. Cool-downs are basically the reverse. After you finish you exercise routine you may continue it using less exertion or you may want to do a slow jog or something similar for a few minutes. Then a series of stretches as you did in warm-ups. Stretching helps to relax your muscles and restore them to their resting length, and improve flexibility (the range of movement about your joints). How Does HIIT Work This form of exercise is undeniably tough. You are expected to go 'all-out' (the work interval) and then slow down (the recovery interval). Depending on which method you use will determine the mode of recovery; it may be a definite timed recovery, heart recovery based or simply on how you are feeling (Fartlek). The degree to which you recover during the rest interval will determine the number of repetitions you are able to perform. The better your aerobic fitness the more reps you will be able to do. If you are a beginner just do what you can. How Effective Is HIIT? HIIT training has rapidly gained support over the last ten years as a very effective means of achieving weight loss and cardio conditioning. The following quote from a research project believes this form of exercise sees results faster than other forms of less intense exercise: 'New research from McMaster University in Canada shows that short term, high-intensity interval training on a bike can also provide you with all the health and fitness benefits of exercising less intensely for a much longer period of time.' (The Journal of Physiology, March 2010) A Fire Drill? One of the most recent exercise programs to be released is 'TurboFire' led by noted motivator Chalene Johnson. It is a VERY intense set of DVD's that uses music and a variety of movements along with 'Fire Drills'. Yup ... the fire drills are the HIIT part. Yet, men and many women of all ages have, and continue to use the Turbo Fire Intense Cardio-Conditioning program, whether they are specifically interested in weight loss, conditioning their heart, or both because they are seeing results.
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