Tips Before Your First Date

by:Dongda     2020-06-06
Before your first date The success of your date does not solely depend on the day of the date or the time you spend with your partner, there are many other things that do have direct impact on the result of your date. You need to check out the following factors to have a successful date. Choose your location Even the most creative people find it tough to find the appropriate location for your first date. Just think about the places for a fine date, what are the places that come into your mind a fine hotel, a tourist spot, theatre etc. I would say, you should drop this entire list of places, don't get formal on your first date, select some nearby coffee shop, art gallery etc where you won't by formal and you can be relaxed. Even if your partner is selecting the place have your say in the decision. If you and your partner are staying far away from each other, select someplace which is suitable for both neither of you should be exhausted for your first date. When to go for your first date Another thing that is as important as selecting the place is deciding on when to have the date. What about a weekend night, then both of you would be free and you won't need to go to work the following day and so can stay out later, doesn't it look bright. Don't think about this for your first date, as most of us do make plans for our weekends in advance, there are many other things that can be done on a weekend rather than going for a date, so our date plan should have to compete with many other things, so even if our date is fine we would have an inner feeling that we could have done something better than going for a date. So for your first date select a week day, as we don't make advanced plans for weekdays. If possible it would be better if we plan for a afternoon lunch during our lunch break as it would be better to keep our first date short. Be patient Always offer a girl a choice of dates and locations and understand when she has reasons for doing other things. All too often when someone says no you automatically assume you are being given an excuse and that the truth lies elsewhere. You assume too much. Let her know that you are interested in her and that when things are better for her in her diary, that you can make some arrangements. Always stress that you are busy too and this will add to your overall appeal. Remember that you too must never be too available otherwise it comes across that you are uninteresting, or even worse, desperate. Sort out your job Women want a man who has some ambition in life. Coasting along as a skateboard instructor is generally not going to win you a real catch (though I'd give it a go, I love skateboarding). Any job is better than none, but knuckle down and sort out some direction in your life. If possible try and look like you have something of a career. If you have a manual job, at least have some plans to work for yourself, and if you already do, then you are on the right track. But know what you are about work wise and have some idea of your future plans because women will ask questions about your prospects. Even if they pretend it isn't important, it is. The last thing you want is to be sitting having a meal and the conversation dries up, leaving you bored with each other for the rest of the night. Think about your date and what you would like to know about her, and in return what you would like her to know about you. Try and think of any questions that she might ask you, so that you can prepare the answer. You think that it is easy to talk, and that you will not run out of questions to ask, or that you will automatically have the answers. But until you are there and in the situation, you have no idea what it will be like. You can avoid all of this by meeting for a quick drink, then go on to see a film, so you have something obvious to talk about. Look your best Go to a beauty parlour get a haircut, if possible get it styled or just get a regular shave, a professional shave will leave your face looking and feeling great. Men are so often criticized for smelling bad. Get into a regular showering routine so you will always smell fresh and clean. Women appreciate it. Get some decent clothes and shoes. Women always look at your shoes. Get clothes that fit you, suit you and are contemporary. Buy a nice tailored suit, there is no excuse not to Top 10 Dating Sites of India Indian Friend Finder Indian Friend Finder is a dating portal specially created for Indians to help them find individuals who are the like-minded compatible singles. Members have abundant profiles to choose from his or her Web site: is the dating website for all those who are looking for long-term serious relationship. 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Web site: Dating Rules for Girls You can see many articles in web giving dating tips for men and there are only a few articles that help women, so here is my effort to produce a set of rules for women to be followed while dating. General Dating Rules: Online Dating Rules: Dating rules for men Look your best The most important rule for every man should follow while going for a date is to take a bath and dress properly. If someone does have any difficulty with this rule just think about this, you are going for your first date and she turns up looking like a hippie that hadn't bathed for a while, you would be appalled. Go to a beauty parlour get a haircut, if possible get it styled or just get a regular shave, a professional shave will leave your face looking and feeling great. Men are so often criticized for smelling bad. Get into a regular showering routine so you will always smell fresh and clean. Women appreciate it. Get some decent clothes and shoes. Women always look at your shoes. Get clothes that fit you, suit you and are contemporary. Buy a nice tailored suit, there is no excuse not to. If you can't take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of her? Arrive on time Turning up late will give her the wrong impressions of what you think about her. Women always assume the worst, so she'll sit around considering the worst case scenarios when you're late. Not only will she think that she has been stood up, but will also think that you are unreliable. If you are picking her up from her home, then it is advisable to turn up 5 minute before you are due. But don't come any earlier or she will be adjusting her makeup or getting dressed and won't want you to see her half finished. Be a gentleman Forgetting to hold a girl's hand when she needs it, not opening the door of the car or a restaurant for her, sitting before her without pulling the chair out for her; things like these do not go unnoticed by girls. Always avoid these things and do such activities which show that you respect all the girls. Never abuse other girls for any reason. Always speak positively about girls. Use your sense of humour If you have good sense of humour then use it on your first date (obviously on successive dates as well). Every girl wants to date a guy who is witty and able to keep the atmosphere fun. Try to make the girl enjoy your company as much as possible. If she enjoys your company then she would love to come on a date again with you. Compliment the girl honestly and with reasons It seems very easy to compliment a girl but in reality men mostly compliment the girls in the wrong manner. While you compliment a girl, look in to her eyes and give reasons for your compliment. Do not give dishonest compliments. Girls know how they look and what their shortcomings are. They will spot your dishonest compliments very easily. While complimenting a girl, go in to the details. For instance, if you like a girl's hairs then tell her exactly what you like about her hairs. Be Positive Life will be great if you learn to live it with fun and proper attitude. Do not be depressed and disheartened with small failures. Remember, this is a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Remember its part of a game. So your attitude should always be positive and just freak out and have fun. Learn from the bad guys If we are to believe the movies, the ruthless tough guy always gets the girl. And didn't it seem that the bad boys at school always had the hottest babes? Yes it's true that in most cases bad guys attract the best girls. SO what is the reason for this? This is because, these guys posses some qualities that attract girls; power, strength of character, confidence, a maverick nature and an immensely interesting personality. There are lessons to be learned here. How you perceive yourself that matters the most. If you can increase your confidence levels, get your career on the right tracks, excel in what you do and be your own man within the confines of your working life, then you'll get that bad boy confidence. And that attitude will boost your attractiveness. You don't need to go around being bad, but you can be a bit more deliberate in your actions, a little less available and a little more enigmatic. This will boost your interest factor and again help in your attractiveness. Never make yourself too available People like mystery and enigma and the thrill of the chase when dating. The longer a person is made to chase and fall for you within reason, the more likely that love may blossom. (And yes, this goes for both men AND women!) If the chemistry peaks too early, your emotions may never have time to catch up and the relationship will eventually wither away Nobody wants to spend the whole night listening to someone talk about themselves or being ignored. And you do have to get to know each other. So ask her questions, but more importantly listen to what she has to say. There is nothing woman likes more than when someone is interested in what they have to say Paying the bill This is a really tough question since women are increasingly independent and may want to pay their way. I suggest that you offer to pay and, if she lets you, take care of the bill. If she wants to pay, you can argue that you want to, but make sure you pay for at least half no matter what. Saying Goodbye Only tell her that you will call her if you mean it and intend on seeing her again. This is an awkward situation, and most of the time the easiest solution is to take her number and tell her you will call her. But don't do it if you are not interested. Just say good night, smile and walk away. But if you do like her and are interested, then make sure you let her know and tell her you'll be in touch.
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