Tips on What Kinds of Shoes to Have

by:Dongda     2020-06-05
Are you one of those women who have a closet full of shoes that doesn't get used? Or are you the type who only buys shoes on the last minute when you have a function to go to? Women need to have shoes ready for every occasion. You need to own every color and style out there. You just need to have the basics. When going shoe shopping you need to set a budget in mind. This can help you narrow down your choices. If you already have a dress at home then have some colors in mind that matches your dress. There are hundreds of shoes to choose from in just one store. Your choices are limitless and you will find it hard to pick one when you don't have something in mind. Types of Shoes The Flats Flats are really in these days. They are comfortable to wear and you can mix and match them to skirts, pants and dresses. Buy a good quality black ballet flats. These can match a lot of your outfits and their super comfortable to wear. Aside from the usual black color, there are numerous designs to choose from. Pick out or two that suits you but don't overdo it. Flip-Flops If you're living in a tropical place then you have the luxury of wearing flip-flops any month of the year. These are great for the beach when summer hits. There are arrays of beautiful colors to choose from. Ipanema flip-flops are to die for due to their stylish designs and really comfy feel. Formal Shoes Every once in a while you need to attend some formal functions. You need to buy fancy sandals that can match most of your outfits. Have these 3 colors for formal wear: silver, gold and black. These colors can go well with almost any color of gown or dress. Pumps The classic black pump is a staple in every woman closet. You can wear these shoes almost anywhere. From the office to church they can go with your outfit. Another great pump to have is a beige or natural color. The color can also help lengthen your legs because it seems like your legs are continues to your feet. Boots There are so many lengths and styles boots have these days that you will be tempted to buy a lot of them. Get a knee-high boot preferably in color black so that you can wear them with many outfits. Rubber Shoes Buy one shoe that is of high quality and you can use for exercise. Buy shoes that are well balanced and can support your feet well. Go for trusted brands that you know can take care of your feet. Favorite Pair of Shoes You will always have a comfortable and favorite pair. They might be any kind as long as you love wearing them. They can be anything under the sun and you can always rely on them. There are so many designs, colors and styles available today. You can go wild and pick from a wide variety of colors. Shoes have become so important that there are even some women who handle their shoes with such delicate care. Enjoy your shoes and always wear shoes that are comfortable. Anything that's not comfortable is not in fashion.
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