Use Your Pre-Sleep Time to Program Your Mind For Success

by:Dongda     2020-05-31
What do you think about before you nod off at night? Your day at work? Your significant other? Your chores at home? Whatever it may be, you could put that time to better use in an attempt to maximize your bodybuilding goals. Rather than going through the usual unconscious or semi-conscious processing of your day's experiences or what you need to do tomorrow, mentally reinforce and strategically motivate yourself for success in the gym. Think about it. Why allow random experiences of your day to comprise the sensory impressions that are processed while you sleep when you could use those 6 8 hours to fuel your inner power for peak goal accomplishment. To do so, you must ingest the most positive, success inducing programming possible, which is basically a form of imagery. We cannot think or imagine without some level of physical response occurring. In visualization, thoughts and images lead to neurological patterns, which in turn lead to muscular responses. With a repetition of thoughts and images (visualization), the associated neurological pattern is strengthened, and the responses imagined have a higher probability of occurring in an actual situation. It's as though by visualization a neurological blueprint or template is created. Basically, with proper imagery you can program yourself to experience success. If you can visualize yourself pumping iron and growing, you'll grow. Use the following pre-sleep process for sensory imaging to unite your determination, conviction and indomitable success expectancy and fuel your training efforts. In other words, pre-program yourself to succeed in the gym as early as tomorrow. Superhuman Workout Forcefulness: Mode A Imagine a graphic scenario of a set you intend to perform in your next workout. But instead of seeing yourself in your current physical condition, envision yourself with the exact physique you desire the ultimate thick, dense, cut, flaring muscularity that represents peak accomplishment. Once you mentally project this scenario, imaginatively step into the picture and into your desired physique, and experience yourself powerfully and masterfully performing the set. Take charge, imaginatively pushing yourself to the limit and then beyond. As you perceptually generate this superior effort, feel every accompanying physical/sensory factor of emotion, body temperature, heart rate, etc., all reflecting levels you know would be necessary to complete the set with the most superhuman effort you can conceive. Stretch your imagination and in reaching the full unbridled reflection of your muscular success, perceptually blast out a set that literally depicts you melting the iron. Peak Muscular Success Imaging: Mode B Immediately after you complete mode A, envision yourself in front of a full length mirror in posing trunks or a swim suit and see your physique as the total embodiment of this commanding muscular success. As you look at your imagined reflection from calves to traps, clearly notice the exceptional size, fullness, shape and proportion of every body part. Precisely experience each cut, groove, line, peak, vein and sinew. Feel your body's natural power and proportional density from head to toe. Spend 3 4 minutes richly experiencing yourself as this maximum muscular success, first from the front, then from the rear. Then let yourself feel each body part in this peak development from within, sensing the density, power and fullness of each muscle as if you've internally become it. Take another 3 4 minutes to engage in this process of internal peak muscularity unification. Again, imaginatively look at your peak muscular development in the mirror, and notice yourself reflecting the facial expression and emotional state you sense you'd naturally express if you actually had this physical dimension. Future Success Impact Visioning Project yourself back into the gym as the epitome of your desired level of muscular accomplishment, but this time envision yourself studying your fully pumped physique in one of the gym mirrors after finishing a magnitude exertion set. As you do this, listen to others around you comment on your size, power and level of development. Hear their compliments, praise, and seeing excitement and appreciation over your physique. Spend 3 4 minutes with this vision, then see yourself in your street clothes, your head held high and a gleam of masterful self esteem in your eyes. You exude healthy muscular power and confidence and, with every step, you feel a commanding level of personal power and self respect a genuine sense of pride and value in your achievements and muscular success. After another 3 4 minutes, again envision yourself standing in front of a full length mirror in posing trunks or a swim suit. Feeling a deep connection with every body part at this superior development level, as well as a sense of rightful, expectant capacity to achieve, slowly let your mind clear, begin to focus on your breathing and let it all just mentally slip away. With this rich capacity for peak muscular success within you, let yourself easily and comfortably drift off into a deep, soothing slumber. Performing this pre-sleep motivation scripting every night can help you keep your dreams positive and enriching, and your subconscious drenched with the sensory forcefulness that commands muscular progress.
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