Vinegar And Yeast Infections - The Facts

by:Dongda     2020-05-29
You will be surprised to know that relationship between vinegar and yeast infections is not that straight foreword as one might think! So many different factors have to be taken into account. Because it can play a whole set of different roles in the process, it gets even more complicated. So, read on and find out more. Here are a few things you need to know about, first of all. What you need to understand is that the very beginning of the Candida fungus is the intestine and more specifically our stomach. Here the fungus finds ample to feed on for an overgrowth. From our stomach the Candida is spread to other part of our bodies. For women that mean that after using the toilet, wipe from the front to the back to prevent an infection. Now we get to the different roles that it can play in the whole process. It has to do with how the fungus can be spread and how it can grow. These two makes for the confusion. Candida grows best in an alkali environment. So, a very weak vinegar douche should in principle help. Problem is, it is also fermented and contains yeast! So the acid working can be completely neutralised by that. Still, a weak solution as a douche will in most cases help a lot. Make very sure that everything, including your hands is washed properly to prevent spreading the yeast infection. Now for the even more confusing part: your gastric fluids are acid and should therefore make it difficult for the Candida to thrive. Once again, problem is, if your stomach acid becomes too strong your body forms bicarbonate to neutralise it, giving the fungus a lovely breeding ground. So, eating too many foods and drinking too many drinks that are acid forming, will actually make your body produce more bicarbonate and it will cause a fungus overgrowth. This of course includes vinegar. Now for the part that is particularly embarrassing to think about. If you become bloated and full of 'gas' you have to get rid of it! So, you go to a private place and pass this embarrassing gas. This gas carries Candida spores which it blasts into your underwear, pyjamas and bedding, with the resultant infection. OK, so now you want to know what this has to do with vinegar and yeast infections. Well, the vinegar in your diet can play a big role in the food fermenting in your stomach, causing this embarrassing problem with the unpleasant side effects!
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