What Makes Slim Fit Suits a Stylish yet Formal

by:Dongda     2020-05-26
Whenever a man thinks of formal dressing slim fit suits instantly pop up in his mind. Slim fit suits have been a fashion favourite of all men who believe in dressing up in style. These days the fashion market is flooded with various kinds of suits that are designed for different occasions and places, for e.g., leisure suits as the name suggests is designed for gatherings and occasions which are informal like a night club, dinner party, outdoor party or a fine Sunday afternoon. Whereas, slim fit suits come under the formal genre of suiting. While buying a slim fit suits there are few things that are needed to be kept under consideration: These suits are a modern alternative to the classic business suit; they are narrower and make a man look slimmer and taller. But an important consideration while buying this type of suit is body type, these suits are ideal for men who have a sleek body structure. The legs of the pant are slightly tapered and tight-fitted. The pants of a slim fit suit are always low waist and have a flat front design unlike the typical business suits which have a pleated front design. Therefore, men planning to go in for slim fit suits should try on the pants and see if the look suits them. The jackets or coats of these suits are usually shorter in length compared to the traditional business suit coat length. These jackets usually consist of two button rather than three buttons. The buttons are placed slightly lower to give the illusion of a longer coat; the lapels of the coat are comparatively narrower. Compliment your slim fit suit with a narrow tie rather than the classic business tie. The colour of the shirt worn within should ideally be bright or patterned. Keeping all of the above in mind one can easily adorn a stylish slim fit suit without looking over dressed or under dressed for any occasion. This change from a classic business suit to a slim fit suits, has brought a refreshing change in men's wardrobe. Many world famous designer labels like Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Burberry, Marks and Spencer are offering a glamorous range of these suit these days for men to choose form. These suits are available in various material like cotton, linen, woollen, tweed etc., one choose any according to the season in which one is planning to wear the suit. If we talk about leisure suit, this suit hit the fashion industry during the 60s and 70s, and become a rage among youngsters. They were originally available in vibrant colours and had wide flapping lapels paired up with bell-bottom pants. But now with changing trends and times, the definition of leisure suits has drastically changed. They have become more modern, fashionable and stylish. There are many online websites and shopping stores which offer a wide variety of leisure suit that are comfortable yet fashionable. Many designer labels have also come with their exotic range of these suits. These suit are the best option for informal social gatherings and parties.
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