What Should You Wear for Sports- Running

by:Dongda     2020-05-26
As for running, you would to wear something, and do not wear something. To achieve the best performance, you would give up some of them. How to wear in cold winter? Will socks affect your running performance? And how about wearing trousers in winter? In this article, I will let you know how to wear for running. First extra equipment may be socks, some runner wear socks, some people do not wear. Running expert Charles.Sidanmaici believed that do not wear socks for running is better, because you do not need to put on extra weight for sweat feet, anyhow, you can make your mind as you would like. I like the feeling that foot can touch shoes directly, Although the benefits of doing so might be completely psychological. Anyway, I do not wear socks and participated in dozens of marathons, no problems did happened. The special condition may be that to warm and enough sunlight weather, the hot road may make foot bubble. If a very high heat, heat through the soles to make you feel uncomfortable. In this condition, if you are lucky to find stream or river, run across it may be helpful. If you decided to run with socks, then you would better pick cotton socks. Some runners believe that the wearing of nylon stockings skin. If you would make the weigh less, you would choose cotton socks for tennis. Shorts in hot weather, it is best to wear shorts that next to the openings of the nylon. The shorts are light and cool, wet will dry soon. Although the cool weather, but not cold to need wear trousers, wearing cotton shorts will make you do have a feeling of warmth. But, I think, compared with nylon shorts, the pants both hardware and thick. And as tips for you, I think running pants with small pockets will be convenient, you may easily take with some candy, or toilet paper. Long pants, if weather turns cold, you would wear something to protect legs. But when you see how cold the weather has become, until you need to put on trousers and take pants off will you be surprised. I will not change into trousers until it is really so cold, about zero degree. Except particularly large wind weather, if it is not down to 7 degrees Celsius temperature (20 degrees Fahrenheit) or below, there is no need to wear trousers. Trousers will be heavy and looks bad, do not benefit you at all, you can wear on it when no choice. Sweater, when the temperature rise to 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) or more, for men, sweater issue is very simple: do not wear. To some race, amateur sports league may need sweaters. But in the open times, they do not have so many rules. Do not wear jerseys, you would be more cool and more comfortable feeling. On April 2, at the top ten U.S. media is the coolest golf course rating, and as the world's first golf course in France nude golf course ahead of the vote. First of all, the course requirements must be naked to play. I think such sports way will achieve better effect and make exercise enjoyable.
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