Why Smart And Capable Men Don't Give A Toss About

by:Dongda     2020-05-20
Penis enlargement methods everywhere you look... 'Size matters' beckons to men at every turn... Penis Enlargement This and Penis Enlargement That... What's the real story going on here? It seems that 'men' have been emasculated to such a degree that the very soul of their strength has seemingly been sapped out from under them. So, what's the deal? I thought men were supposed to be omnipresent, omnipotent, and infallible? So why is it that men are turning to penis enlargement? What has taken place that has taken the 'man' out of 'men' and allocated one of the world's most priceless and valuable resources to scavenging about in the hopes that they can find some 'magical' method to enlarge their penises amongst the penis enlargement garbage that is everywhere? Men have walked on the Moon. Men have built 'unbuildable,' towering sky scrapers. Men have harnessed the minerals and resources of the world to create power, light, electricity, heat, and comfort for all of mankind. Men signed a 'suicide pact' with the Declaration of Independence, purely based on their will, determination, strength, and unwillingness to compromise to Great Britain... Men of medicine can even create and replace heart valves, joints, and perform medical miracles of every way, shape, and form; and now, 'men' are finally able to create an actual human cell from scratch... Now, no offense to the ladies (because you've done all of this and even more, too), but men are capable of accomplishing the unaccomplishable. Men are the very real and tangible archetype of strength, immutability, determination, persistence, creativity, genius, and unbridled strength. They risk their lives for what they believe in and stand solidly up for. The 'bring home the bacon.' They do whatever it takes, no matter what obstacles or foreseen or unforeseen consequences await them... Yet, so many men have been compromised of their 'masculinity' because they have been convinced that their penis is too small to be adequate. Who's kidding who here? Have 'men' become so castrated by popular culture that they have lost all their innate masculinity, purely based on the size of their penises? Are these same men unfortunately struggling to find a magical pill, patch, exercise, or cream that will enlarge their manhood? With the main goal being to enlarge their penis size so that they may become more of a 'man'? Heck, just look at Napoleon Bonaparte, as an example. Not only was he one of the strongest and most feared men of all time, but he was also what? He was also short in stature and is said to have sported one of the smallest penises around. According to history, not only was his penis small in size, but most of it had been cut off and removed by a sword! Imagine that! Now, looking back on history, do you think that the size of his penis restricted him, stopped him, or convinced him that he couldn't just about conquer the world because of the size of his penis? The answer is obvious: he didn't let something like a small and damaged penis get in the way of his goals, the tenacity of his desires, or anything else, for that matter. Instead, he relied on his inner strength, character, and his passion for being the absolute best that he could possibly be; by mastering, defeating, and overpowering nearly everyone who was in his way or, heaven forbid, purposely got in his way. Now, imagine this remarkable man and ask yourself if you think he would be interested in taking penis pills, smearing on penis creams, performing penis exercises, or using an extender to enlarge his manhood... Chances are that you can't imagine it, as to do such things would certainly be out of character for such an impressive and powerful man. Hell, he was out kicking ass all over the world! Does anyone think that he had the time or interest in wasting his precious energy on penile enlargement? Obviously, he had better things to do than to worry about what was concealed in his pants! Smart and capable men know this; and, if they do have a small penis, they realize that it's not going to hold them back in any facet or aspect of their lives. Instead, they will use their penis to their utmost advantage and turn their manhood, by any means necessary and regardless of its size, into a tool that will help them in any possible part of their sexual (or otherwise) lives. Men who are concerned that their penis may be too small shouldn't be condoned for feeling the way that they do. Unfortunately, popular culture and society thinks that 'real' men need a 'large' penis in order to be successful in or out of the bedroom. However, such ludicrous thoughts, inane beliefs, and unfounded truths are nothing more than mere myths that have been perpetrated to generate profits for penis enlargement entrepreneurs and to further [Ahem!] continue to feminize and emasculate men. In a sense, to literally castrate their innate, God-given, and normal male potential and powerful attributions that are just dying to be unshackled. Those men who 'get it' are the same men who don't give a toss about their penis size, as they realize that 'size does not matter.' Good luck to all men.
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