You've Got The Dress What About Accessories?

by:Dongda     2020-05-16
So you've ticked the wedding dress off of your list. What about the accessories. You know those all-important shoes, the essential veil and the other bits and pieces that will complete your ensemble. Actually, we say the veil is essential, but not all brides have one these days. It was always customary to wear the veil over the face until that precious moment of the wedding kiss where your husband would reveal you for the first time. If you are going to wear a veil you need to choose the length you want, the style and then you need to decide how you are going to wear it. Are going to wear your hair up or down? This will largely determine how you wear your veil. Many brides choose to wear their hair up and then to wear their veil nestled into their hair trailing behind them. This can look beautiful. Others go for the traditional route wearing their veil over their hair and draping elegantly over their shoulders and down their back. Swarovski crystals are very popular right now and can really set a wedding dress off. Many a wedding shop stocks veils featuring hundreds of these adornments and the effect can be dazzling. If you are planning a winter wedding, why not opt for a beautiful cathedral length wedding dress festooned with crystals? Another must have accessory is your shoes. Are you going to go for court shoes, flats, open toe or even wedges? There are so many styles to choose when looking for wedding shoes and many wedding shops in Glasgow have a smashing range to choose from. Many brides choose to buy their wedding accessories from the bridal shop they bought their dress from. Sometimes this is out of loyalty and sometimes this is because they have found the perfect shoe at the same time as buying their dress. Whichever you choose, just make sure they are comfortable - many brides buy their shoes and break them in a little by wearing them at home. Are you going to have a bag? Many brides do whilst others would prefer somebody else to look after their things. But what does a bride carry in her wedding bag? A mobile phone isn't essential as all of your friends will know exactly where you are! A lipstick could be an essential item and you might also want to carry a good luck charm such as a silver sixpence with you. There are other items you might want to consider and all are available from most wedding shops in Glasgow. Tiaras, jewellery and even wedding night lingerie are some of the important items might want to buy.
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