Zipz Shoes - The Worlds First Interchangeable Shoes

by:Dongda     2020-05-15
Zipz shoes are entirely different to any other footwear on the market. Young, vibrant and fun, there's a style to suit everyone. And, if you're one of those people who likes to look box fresh at all times, just zip on a different cover and transform your shoes. The best in California design with the coolest looks. Shoes just got even more desirable. Zipz Shoes - Fun, Fresh and Fashionable Stand out from the crowd by changing your shoes to suit your own individual style. With a fantastic range of hi tops and lo tops as well as slip ons to choose from, you can zip and change as many times as you like. The classic Zipz souls are interchangeable with the complete range of colours and styles we offer. Just choose a cover the same size and zip it on to your Zipz souls. How Do Zipz Work? Zipz are totally individual and work simply by zipping your chosen tops on to your classic Zipz souls. You can even swap tops with friends, adding to the fun that is Zipz. It's easy, just choose your hi tops, lo tops or slip ons in the design you like, everything from sweet pink punk sneakers to camo or skulls. Zip your top on to the classic souls and you're good to go. It's so easy a child could do it. In fact, there are even cute Zipz with comfortable strap fastenings for the trend setting toddler! Fashion Forward Footwear With beatiful designs to suit every fashion conscious footwear fan, Zipz shoes are the latest in sneaker must haves. At great prices, you can afford to indulge yourself and grab those Cali Classics, the freshest take on West Coast trendiness, as well as the graffiti loafers. Whatever your personal taste, clean and classic blue or zappy ruby hearts, Zipz have the 'coverz' to make your feet the coolest in town. Cool Classics for Everyone With styles to suit men, women and children, Zipz have something for the whole family. The hard wearing soles come in most standard sizes for kids and grown-ups. The coverz are as suitable for school or college as they are for the dance floor. It's all a matter of the style and design you choose, so why not make sure you have hi's, lo's and loafers to see you through any occasion? Zipz are even good for your feet. Well designed and crafted, the souls are the perfect platform to enable you to go from morning till night with comfortable feet. No pinched toes or rubbed heels, thanks to being hand crafted from top qulaity materials. Make your feet stand out today and be the true trend setter in your crowd. Zipz are the fabulously funky alternative to plain old sneakers. From morning till evening, let your feet show off your personality in style. The latest range has the lot. Hearts and graffiti, loafers or laces, boys and girls, nothing is left to chance with the most up to the minute shoe in town. Grab your Zipz today and let your feet zing!
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